Sunday, May 24, 2009

German Club

I'm going to jump on the gravy train and blog about German stuff. (One Post) AND (Another One)

I'm not really a club person. I was in one club for like 3 months, and as soon as some people stopped going, I stopped going, and before you knew it I wanted off the email list. I was a DJ for two years, but never went to any legit function thrown by the radio show except one to get a t-shirt. Technically I'm still a DJ now, but haven't been to a show in weeeeeeks. I've been doing my senior research and love using that as an excuse to avoid the elitist asses that work there. Then I went to some club for three meetings before giving up entirely on that one.

This brings us to German Club. (I'm a Sigma Frye, that's more social than school sponsored.) I skipped the first couple meetings because I knew no one in it and was absolutely intimidated by the professor (and we all know now, that was a mistake). Finally, I conned a friend into going with me, and that became the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I'm pretty sure I would do anything with or for these people.

And not only did I attend meetings regularly, I also helped plan stuff. WHAT?!? I know. I helped with a camping trip, a good-bye party for Little Sonja, and random other entertainment things during meetings (Yay Schnappi!).

I had made it my life goal to never have school spirit. I have attended two other colleges prior to Knox. The first one never gave me the feeling like I belonged to their school and I would've never EVER even considered going to sporting events or concerts. I went to a couple plays because one of the three friends I had there were in them. Then as a commuter at the next one, I also didn't really feel like I belonged. Currently, I simply attend a college, and every now and then a basketball game, maybe a swim meet, every jazz concert, nearly every talk by a potential professor in a department that I give a shit about (German, Psych, Bio), and weekly frat parties.

I don't now, or ever, feel like "I am Knox" like all the posters and folders and other crap says. This of course brings me to the Senior Challenge. Why would I want to give to my school? It's my dad's hard earned money. They're just going to call me in 4 months to donate again. And how can I be sure my money goes to what I want it to? Well, I donated some money to German Club. I don't expect a plaque. I don't expect a chair to be named after me. I just want them to be able to buy a water heater for tea, or maybe some mugs. I think I have already been repaid. (I know, sappy right?)

Basically this last term has been one of the best terms I've had here. Most of the things that happen here are, for lack of a better word, shitty. But ever since I started taking German, my life has just become so much happier. And for anyone who knew me before this, you will know how hard it is to do something like that. And I feel like such a nerd talking about how happy I am to be a part of German club - it is definitely number two on my list of reasons to post-bacc - but it has to be said. I hope a Sonja stumbles upon this so she can know how happy she has made me.

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