Friday, May 08, 2009

Finally Friday

OMG. It's Friday. Flunk Day was on Wednesday. I [probably] did really well on my German exam (except the writing thing). No real obligations. Camping tomorrow. Ahhh.

Wearing some new clothes today! ow ow!

My index finger really freaking hurts. I think I slept on it wrong. I'm in charge of a scavenger hunt for tomorrow aaaaand I'm not done with it yet. Oops. Gotta do so much crap today. My tongue hurts. I hate my breasts. Anyone willing to spare $10,000 for me to get them removed or smaller? I'd appreciate it. I left my bookbag/German stuff in the lab yesterday. And then at 10 pm when I was about to go to the C-Store, I remembered that my ID was in the lab. Greeeeat. Well, I have to feed the fish anyway, so yeah.

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