Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Even More Dreams!

1. I went to HyVee on Main and met up with some friends inside. They invited me to their place and I went with them, leaving my car in a completely legal parking spot (important to later). I came back two days later and my car was completely overgrown with weeds and vines, like it had been years. I'm standing behind it talking to people and then I turn around and I have one of Security's "tickets" on my windshield. It's marked 10:07 and I look at my watch - it's 10:08. I start looking around for him because he couldn't just disappear. He's all the way across the parking lot and walking away. Needless to say, I'm thoroughly confused. Anyway, I get the plants off my car and plan to just sleep there til I'm not drunk anymore (where did that come from? I have no idea). Seth calls me and wants to hang out, so I start driving home. I get to this giant hill near my house and all of a sudden there is snow everywhere; nearly three feet covering the road - nothing else - except for the two lines where previous cars have driven. After I get over the hill, it is completely clear and spring time.

2. I went into the bathroom to check out my nosering cause it had been hurting. There are patches where it looks like skin has been torn or burnt off all over my nose. And at the crown (is that what it's called? the top between my eyes?) there is a huge purple bruise. There are also bruises all over my arms and feet. (including the ones that are really there)

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Tasha said...

I didn't read the title of this blog and thought it was real for a minute. Very strange.