Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Been sitting around wondering about what to do. I haven't received info on the first draft of my methods section, so I can't really work on that. I suppose I could start writing some of the other parts, but......I really don't want to.

I typed up the first 5 scenes of our German film. I have a feeling it's going to get crazy. Sonja agreed to be in it, which means :D for me.

Hopefully shitweek is over. I'm assuming Security will lie its way through the whole debacle and I'll end up paying the fine. That's what they do best.

My arms are covered in bruises. What the hell did I do at the zoo to end up like this? It def wasn't from Egyptian Rat Screw because I was bruising before that. And I'm half sunburnt, so I can't tell if there are more or not. Another fun fact: Still haven't done laundry. I guess I'll do that later today.

Gotta go to the Jazz concert at the Gizmo in like an hour.

I also have to finish things up for the Awards on Friday.

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