Monday, June 01, 2009

AH hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

That would be my brain slowly leaking out of my head onto my "A Short Guide to Writing about Biology" book. I have spent nearly 12 hours (with a break for dinner and a game of Scattergories) on this damn paper. I am literally three sentences away from being done with my abstract, and thus my paper. The most important part of a paper.

The only part that people read before deciding whether they want to set it on fire or consider publishing it. I'm honestly just going for "Well, it's too hot for a fire, so I might as well read the rest of it."

Dear Jesus, I will be done with my undergraduate career in three sentences. THREE sentences lie between me and graduation. (Well, and a week, but who cares? I'll be drunk from Monday evening until Saturday morning!!)

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