Sunday, April 05, 2009

Random Shtuff on My Mind

YouTube is just too much fun. This kid has enlightened me.

Fun story: Got really drunk and stoned last night. Then in the midst of fucked-up texting Aaryn, sneezed and broke my nose ring. Then I had to literally cut it out of my nose. Now it is sore as hell because I shoved a new one in. Thank God the roomie has lots of lube.

Right now I am watching Madagascar. It is very funny and I can not wait to see the second one.

I am so exhausted (and missing skin from a couple fingers) because of this TAing job. I cleaned 5 fish tanks (with help from Audra) with straight vinegar in the last couple days, leaving me vinegar scented for two days. Today was also clean the bird cages day, which means I was in the basement for like an hour. Then I fed the fish and ran a lab for someone. Tomorrow I have to cut up hotdogs and set up chick habitats. We even have to smear hotdog on flower pots (don't ask).

The best part...I LOVE IT. It would be so amazing if I had this job forever. :)

Sweet, Madagascar is on again! Now I can see the first part instead of just the last hour, which was rudely interrupted by the above youtuber.

I feel like (I typed that and then the Penguins in the movie said "sprechen" and I was so distracted that I have no idea what I was going to say).

I have a German exam tomorrow. Yeah, haven't studied and don't want to. But I have to start studying soon or tomorrow afternoon because if I don't I will fail the exam. And that is not me being negative. I know almost nothing about simple past BECAUSE it is not simple. The past of gehen is ging; finden is fand; ziehen is zog. Sometimes I just don't know - and I didn't even memorize those. Maybe the fairy tale section of the exam will pad my grade.

Everytime I have to pee, someone beats me to the bathroom.

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