Saturday, April 25, 2009


There was a fish tank in my room with two snakes in it. One was one of those giant python things and the other was a garter snake. Well, the small one went to sleep, so I scared him and then he started trying to eat the bigger one. The big one did not like this, so he started eating the smaller one. I tried to pull them apart with a stick, and the little one jumped(?) onto the stick near my hand so I screamed and dropped it.

Turns out there were two wrapped together when it came out, and while I was freaking out on the bed because there were snakes on my floor, they mated. Only there were no eggs, just new baby snakes that were crawling all over the floor. And getting bigger by the minute. They kept crawling up the bed posts and I kept trying to smoosh them so they wouldn't get to me. I called my mom in and she said, "Just run across the floor, you'll be fine."

Then, naturally, the babies started mating with each other and producing even more baby snakes, leaving me absolutely mortified. I threw all the blankets and pillows off the bed so I would be able to see the whole mattress and kill any that managed to climb up. I was terrified that one would crawl into my vagina and lay eggs. TERRIFIED. As the snakes started to take over the pile of pillows, I climbed out of my bed, onto the dresser, then across my desk to try to get to the door. When I looked back, the entire bed was covered in 3-5 inch long snake babies.
I never made it to the door before I somehow forced myself to wake up. But I am still worried about there being snakes on the floor. And in my bed. And everywhere.

The dream dictionary I usually use says that this is about sex (snakes are phallic) but I really don't think so. Yeah, I was afraid of it in my vagina, but I honestly don't think it was about sex.

I think it was more like "I'm being surrounded by things I have no control over and that terrify me. I need to find a way to get out. And of course my unconscious would wake me right before I find the answer."

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