Friday, April 03, 2009

Motrin Wishes & Deutsche Dreams

Sigh, I have a German exam on Monday and a quiz today and I have no desire to study for them. I don't even feel like going to class because my head has been killing me since about 9:30 am yesterday. I took two muscle relaxants that the doctor prescribed for my headaches, but they did not work. Maybe it's because there is a warning on it that says "May Cause Headache." What? It's a headache pill...

Along those lines, I am unable to do anything with my hair. If I put it up, it hurts my head to the point of tears, but if I leave it down I get hot as hell.

This may be the drugs talking, but sometimes I wish I could touch books and have all the knowledge that is hidden in the pages. For example, I just looked up at my German Dictionary and wished I could just put my hand on it and do really well on the quiz today without having to actually study for it. Not to brag, but I could do well without studying, but I want to do really well since this is technically my only class.

Also, I think I have made a revelation about my senior research while in the depths of headache hell. I want to give up on this bird stuff, because of time restraints. That's really all. I still want to take care of them, but I can't handle doing this research, especially if my head is going to explode the second I think about meeting with Sharon. I think I'm going to tell her today that I want to switch to the dog stuff. I find the bird experiment really interesting and would be totally willing to be a research assistant or something, but I don't want my grade and college graduation riding on it.

I have a chipped tooth and it is very sharp, thus it keeps cutting my tongue and it's quite an uncomfortable situation.

Remember that movie "Andre" about the seal? I just had a random thought about it. Wtf?

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