Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dream & Chickens

Repeat dream from twitter (yellowpansy72), but with more detail:

I went to my Gma's house with both parents (weird...) and went to the bathroom to change my clothes. Then Stacey, Luke and Cody (my cousins) were in there with me, and I kept shooing them out, but they weren't leaving. Then I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet because there was no lever and Gma said "There's a button back there...No not that one. That is the muffin maker."

So then we started to make muffins and I had to stop my grandma in the middle of it and say, "Hold on I need to twitter about making muffins." So I did from my phone (which I set up last night!)

Then it morphed into another dream, but I don't really remember it because my roommate's alarm went off.

Chicks pt 2 coming soon! (with pics!)

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