Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Term Begins

Hello and welcome to the first day of classes. Or should I say class? I only have 1, so...yeah.

I just spent the last ten minutes cleaning out my inbox of unnecessary emails. I went from 173 to 15.  Wunderbar.

I have a problem and that is that I thoroughly enjoy German. I've never actually enjoyed a class this much. Ever. Sure, got a 106% in Sacred Scriptures, but there's only so much love you can have for a class that requires you to read the Bible every night when there are practical things to be done, such as studying the digestive system for an exam.  I'm not trying to downplay the importance of the Bible for all people, but I don't know why they forced me to take it. GPA padding I guess.

Wow, I got really off topic there. Anyway, we had to do oral crap, which I despise doing because it's basically hell to participate... But I had eye candy (lol, not saying who) so everything was A-OK.  I just never want to do it again. And I will probably have to tomorrow.  Yeah, so German is on the list of fun things to do. I have a quiz tomorrow, but its a Sonja quiz... How hard could it get? The people in my class, not so great with the exception of five people (1/3!). I can't believe HE'S in my class again. I'm all for two sections, but only if HE isn't in mine. It was fate...clearly. I'm destined to be with O-face. I just threw up a little at the prospect of spending the rest of my life with him...because even just 70 minutes a day is too much to bear. "O-Face! Change your clothes. You disgust me!"

Anyway, also had to turn some eggs earlier, me being a TA and all. It was probably the best five minutes of my term so far. Just standing alone in a biology lab, turning eggs upside down, with the heat of the incubator flowing over me whenever I opened the door. It was basically heaven. I want to live inside that incubator.


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