Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paperclips & Commencement

Welcome to Thursday night. Some guy is trying to get me to have cyber sex with him, and he's failing miserably.

I've decided that Holocaust history is the only history I can stand to learn. I just watched the movie, Paperclips. It was quite good. I also really enjoyed "Der Tunnel" and (wrote that in German at first, lol) "Bent."

I had to write a paper on ethnic cleansing during the Holocaust when I was in eighth grade and I really hated my teacher for giving me that topic. Because I had to read about small children having ink injected into their eyes and all the other terrible medical things that were done to them prior to being burned. My eighth grade was obsessed with the Holocaust. We had to read The Diary of Anne Frank (which was terribly boring...) and then watch the movie. Eh...

Why is German history so much more entertaining than every other country's? Like really.

OH! And wtf is with our commencement speaker being someone not famous? Who follows Obama, Clinton, and Stephen Colbert with some attorney general from northern Illinois? What a piece of crap school...

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