Sunday, March 22, 2009

End of SB

Today is officially my last day of spring break. Let's recap.

Kicked ass at Geometry Wars 2 last night. Sucked at Wario Ware last night. Thank you Yuengling.

Watched kittens be birthed. Mom is hopefully taking Tres. Which will later be named something cute, but I refuse to let her fiance name it. He comes up with Pee Wee (because his last name is Herman). Haha, child molester jokes are hilarious.

It snowed once. There was barely enough snow to cover the ground. It has otherwise been GORGEOUS.

Being an event planner for a social organization, as well as the Treasurer, is kind of hard work. Especially when people do not reply to facebook messages. Good news: Door prize is almost complete.

I got an A in German. I can die happy. Let's just hope I can have a repeat of that this term.

1 comment:

MoRo said...

didnt think pee wee herman was a child molester.... i thought he just got in trouble for jerking off in a porno theater. which is so silly cuz i mean come on. its a porno theater.

good job in German!!! Although i can't say i'm surprised. Du Rockst :P