Thursday, March 12, 2009


Imma post about some of the dreams I've been having lately. If you know anything about me, you will understand what my unconscious is doing to me. If you don't...well, its slightly obvious if you read the rest of the blog entries. (In case you don't know, Sonja is my German professor. And she is very attractive.)

(2/15/09) I'm in German class and Sonja is actually Olivia Newton-John and she's making us sing. She singles me out and I said, "Yeah, I don't sing in public." Then she gave me an F in the class. However, she went into labor at this point. She gave us an exam about her life, and everyone in the class thought it was creepy that I knew about her. But she's ONJ, I know a lot about her.

(2/20/09) There was a blizzard, so my German class gathered around to watch a movie, being trapped and all. We were waiting for Sonja, because they are ALWAYS exactly on time, never early. When she finally got there, she had dyed her hair brown and curled it. She looked really distressed and went into the back room to take off her coat and stuff. Kleine Sonja told us that she had been told to teach Field Biology in Japan for Green Oaks Term. All of us were worried about her not teaching German 103..Then she came out of the back room and told us about how pissed she was that Knox had sent The German Dept. to teach Bio, she started crying. Then we started 103 and there were so many people I freaked out.

(2/23/09) The entire dream was in German and I have no idea what it was about...I just know that Sonja and I had a conversation and I remember thinking about how awesome it was.

(3/8/09) German class again! I'm standing in the hall when someone hands me a baby (about a year old) and tells me its my turn to babysit. I learn that his name is Jake and that guess who is the mother! Sonja, right! Well, he cries a lot, I do the thing where you pat them and he eventually falls asleep. I walk into the room and yell "S-Dawg!" and she turns, "What?" I hand the baby to her and she looks so incredibly happy; she just ignores class altogether and goes to the back of the room where there is a sink. Jake is set on a little chair and keeps turning and staring at me, smiling. Like he misses me. Then Sonja starts trying to teach him how to say "umlaut," which I think is adorable. At one point he just gets up and walks over to me and stares up at me. "Where's Mommy? Where's Mommy?" I ask, but then realize he probably doesn't speak English. "Wo ist Mommy?" and he turns and points at Sonja. Then I shoo him away towards her and he goes.

(3/11/09) *I will preface this with the fact that I ate rice that tasted like I was in the Pig Barn at the CC Fair* My dad and I are at the CCFair when we run into Sonja, Kleine Sonja, and Sonja's son (who is now 7 or 8). Because, drum roll...She has a date with my dad. what? Anyway, we sit down for dinner and Kleine Sonja says she wants to get beer. And then she goes to Senior Bowling which happened to be the night i had the dream. Then I see a friend and ask if I can go walk around with her. Sonja tells me, "As long as you are back for your oral exam at 7:30."
"No problem!" Well, I'm in the pig barn, and glance at my watch, "Oh crap it's 8:03!"
I run back to the table, but everyone is gone, but they've left my stuff. "Shit! They left me!" And I start crying. From behind me, I hear Sonja say, "Stef?" "I'm so sorry. I tried. And I lost track of time. And...I'm just so sorry." She tried to hug me, but I was very hesitant, but she wouldn't give up or let go. So I let myself have a complete emotional breakdown in her arms while she told me it was ok.

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