Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Eins of SB

I'm that obnoxious blogger who posts about everything that happens, separately. Thus, if you have me in your Google Reader, you have a ton of notifications.

Anyway, Spring Break!

I went up to my mom's to do some laundry. And by some, I mean I had five loads. I had intended to sit on my ass, pet Pookie, and then eat some lasagna and head home. Howevs, Donny's 'rents came, so we had a very German cake and coffee hour. This was followed by the neighbors coming down and this lady talking about how she has seen every state because she and her husband do the whole semi thing. At some point, mom and I took the golf cart (which runs on like a V8 engine) up to Kimber's to see her new floor. She bitched about everything, you know, typical Kimber behavior. (Well, no, you probably don't know.)

Anyway, get back down to the house, and mom tells me to drive the golf cart down the road, so I do. We're going a good 30 mph. Park golf cart, go into the house, where we begin to discuss dinner plans. "We should grill!" says Donny.

Mom and I get into my car, go buy burgers, hotdogs and cheese. We grill, I finish clothes. I go home. Aaryn texts me about her cat being in labor. So I grab my camera and head on in to her house. What. A. Day. Now's it twenty minutes to 4 in the morning and I'm just like "doo do."

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rae333 said...

who grabs their camera when a cat is giving birth?