Monday, March 26, 2007

Just as an addition to that last post:

I never blamed him for any of the things you say I did. I never said he was the reason I wanted to kill myself. You, are bad at inferring things.

He is the only friend I ever had that actually allowed me to do destructive behavior. Yeah, that's the kind of characteristic everyone wants in a friend. "Hey, I know you shouldn't drink, but here's a bottle of wine."

Also, that was from like 2 months ago, when he was like "Hey, we shouldn't be friends anymore. I'm better than you because I will be famous." I don't talk shit about him. I almost never talk about him...Oh, wait. Actually, I said that we watched High School Musical together. Send me another email about how I am a terrible, pathetic person, you stupid fucking bitch.

PS: You spelled my name wrong, which just supports my claim that you are a stupid fucking bitch.


Anonymous said...

Steffi grow the fuck up. I didn't pour the alcohol down your fucking throat and if you don't have the fucking backbone to say "no" and actually mean it the get the fuck out of dodge. Seriously, I'm not the reason you do destructive things, and I didn't let you do those things, but its your own fucking life so deal with it. If you can't go on living science law states that you should eventually die out and not pollute the gene pool. After all we know how much you like evolution. No, I never supported the idea of you quitting drinking all together cause that proves nothing but that alcohol controls you. Its your life, stop making me and others the scapegoat and fucking live it, or don't, just whatever you do, own it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS. what is this about you having issues with me after we talked. I thought we were cool and I harbored no resentment towards you. You should've been an adult and been like "I still hate you" and that would have been fine. I was also the only friend who had been in your situation before and got out of it, so if anyone was able to give advice outside of Ginny it was me.