Wednesday, March 28, 2007

um, fuck you?

1. I was under the impression that love was the opposite of hate. But apparently you can love and hate someone at the same time. Thanks for clarifying.

2. I don't see how I am the one who needs to grow up. I have changed my major only once. I know where I'm going to be in 4 years. And I am recieving help for my problems. I am not in a highly competitive field which will leave me poor and unemployed and I am not repressing the fact that I am depressed, like some people, who need to put up a front, which is so powerful it even convinces them that they are happy.

3. Alcohol does control my life. That's why I have to stop. Its a fucking biological dependence.

4. Thanks for telling me to kill myself. And since everyone just assumes I can't think for myself, I'm going to go do that.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just as an addition to that last post:

I never blamed him for any of the things you say I did. I never said he was the reason I wanted to kill myself. You, are bad at inferring things.

He is the only friend I ever had that actually allowed me to do destructive behavior. Yeah, that's the kind of characteristic everyone wants in a friend. "Hey, I know you shouldn't drink, but here's a bottle of wine."

Also, that was from like 2 months ago, when he was like "Hey, we shouldn't be friends anymore. I'm better than you because I will be famous." I don't talk shit about him. I almost never talk about him...Oh, wait. Actually, I said that we watched High School Musical together. Send me another email about how I am a terrible, pathetic person, you stupid fucking bitch.

PS: You spelled my name wrong, which just supports my claim that you are a stupid fucking bitch.
Leave me the fuck alone. You know nothing about me except the one-sided story that you got from your egotistical, immature brother.