Thursday, September 14, 2006

time is relative...and i hate relatives

ok, working on the optimism thing.
i have been able to do some homework in calculus, at least 90% the last couple days; however i feel it is because my actual teacher has been out for medical reasons. i dread his return. BUT, i am following the therapist's suggestion of trying to think positively about the class before actually going.

my drawing teacher made fun of my chair the other day, but then told me i was getting better. then someone else in the class complimented my picture. i was really happy. maybe i am not as bad as i i am, i just got lucky on that one.

also, i find the time passes much more quickly when i devote my spare time to useful things. or i try to look at things coming up...for example the TKE party on saturday or gilmore girls season 6 coming out next tuesday. these events are like milestones in the term. and when they finally get here, i am that many days closer to being home. and today, i went to a time management workshop for an hour instead of playing video games. doing homework and stuff like that make the term go faster. with deadlines, time goes faster. however sitting around waiting for november to come sucks.

and, one last thought for today. i am contemplating my next tattoo. i really want a lizardy gecko type thing, but rae tells me that it is not original enough. well, i beg to differ, and when she gets a picture of the following lizard on my ass, she will agree with me.

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