Monday, September 11, 2006


Ok, so I was trying to be more optimistic about this term.

That is shot. Someone stole my bookbag from the C-Store. Luckily, I had my keys in my pocket. Not so luckily, my cell phone was in it. I can't even call anyone. So now I have to sit here, not doing homework, because oh, I CAN'T, waiting for the lady to email me saying the bitch brought it back.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to pick up a bookbag twice yours's size that is a different color? FUCKING STUPID FRESHMAN. I HATE THEM. THEY ARE RUINING MY LIFE.

And I think I just heard the people next door have an orgasm. Excellent. Now I feel even more like shit because if uglier than me people are having sex, then there is nothing left for me in this world.

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