Friday, September 15, 2006

Eeew, Mold!

I am having a terrible reaction to mold spores in either my fridge (which I can do nothing about considering the financial situation I am in) or in this suite...And my tattoo itches like crazy.

I am having a terrible reaction to the amount of time left in term as compared to the amount of meals I have left...I seem to be 17 short. Which means...I don't know what. I guess I eat Easy Mac for 17 meals. Or be pathetic enough for someone to buy me Chinese food.

Aside from that, I am having a good week (considering it is almost over!) only one more class to go, and it's going to be a good one, because...well because I'm supposed to think that way. I don't really believe it, but maybe I can convince myself that it'll go by fast.

Molly bought me a really cute-as-hell poster that I will be putting up soon.

And Ruth, you could try to kick my ass, but you'd lose. (ha, wouldn't, I'm a weakling)

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