Saturday, July 08, 2006

Days Inn Room Attendant..

Grr. So, as you all know, I was unemployed for way too fucking long. Now, I have a job...and I'm about ready to shoot myself after 1 (one) day. Lol. People who stay in hotels are gross as fuck. How the fuck do you get your lube all over the bathroom floor? And how hard is it to put a fucking empty bottle of shampoo in the trash.

$7 in tips doesn't make it that bad of a day at all...considering I only got half of the actual tip. (my trainer got the other half) My trainer, Ruth, is possibly the most vulgar thing on this planet...yes even worse than me.


Anonymous said...

daaaamn giiiiirl, where you been? lol i check your blog like everyday... well anyway, what's been up?

Rae said...

update for fucks sake you two timing whore