Friday, April 28, 2006

Post 6 can kiss my hemorrhoidy ass!

So, I am counting the days, maybe even hours until someone in Post 6 flips out and yells at me for taking MY dvd player out of the suite area so I can use it. I've used it fucking once. It's mine. And I want to use it. And after thier little impromptu meeting about Molly and Me and how we are friends and that is bad because Molly is apparently evil and it is a bad thing for me to have friends...Fuck 'em. I'd rather let Molly use the dvd player, simply because I like her. And Post 6 (aside from Sicily and Jasmin) can kiss my hemorrhoidy ass.

Ok, so if you have no interest in my personal health issues and/or are offended by female organs/problems than don't read this paragraph. Just remember you have been warned: I have a yeast infection on my breasts. And maybe a regular one. I'm not sure. But I do know that there is a weird smell and a rash there. According to an online diagnosis (yeah, ok, not the best option) I have a yeast infection. I got some cheap-ass Monistat-7 that will hopefully clear it up. If not, I will never have sex because they are funkily scented and quite frankly seeing a doctor about this highly embarrassing problem is not what I need in my life at this time. Also, I have a canker sore about 5 cm long in my mouth. It kinda hurts to brush and eat. And, this fucking dandruff will not go away regardless of how much fucking anti-gross hair shampoo I use. I am beginning to just give up and let my body rot away.

Oh, and I think Robbie gave me mono when he kissed me at Six Flags. The Douglas front is looking bleak. I get no enjoyment out of his huge black cock anymore...maybe it is because I have like 5 diseases or maybe I have just been sexed out for this term. However, when summer vacation rolls around in like 30 out. That penis will be in me so much and so hard and so...well you get it.

On a lighter note, my mom is coming to visit on the 28th of May to ride back to PA with me. YAY!!! I miss my mom. Her living in Florida and me in Illinois and my house in Pennsylvania is just weird. Whatever, I might get to live with her over a summer to do some school shit. Anywhoz, it is 11pm and I am tired from God knows what because my classes were cancelled today. I guess all the Invader Zim I watched made me sleepy.

PS: E! True Hollywood Story: Olivia Newton-John is on tomorrow at 6pm(EST) I do believe and if you would like to tape it for me, that would be more than OK.


Anonymous said...

yeast infections suck. you don't have to be having sex to get one, but they're just as unpleasant. monistat-7 should clear it up. and canker sores suck, i get them all the time. and i think i gave perrie mono except it hit him and not me :-D i miss my mom too, i wish she was coming out to galesburg.

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