Tuesday, April 04, 2006

College: good or bad?

College is both good and bad for me right now.
For one, I have lots of fun, and sometimes I even get a good grade, and actually give a shit.

On the other hand, sometimes I drink 5 cups of coffee and blog at 226 am. Also, sometimes like when Prof Thoms talks, I want to kill myself because he is a horrid teacher. Smart, but not teacher material. I miss Judy. She was the best prof ever. Good thing she teaches like every bio class.

Then, back to the first hand, I love the people here. They make me not as depressed unless I'm drunk.

Which takes us back to the other hand. When Im drunk, people are mean to me. They don't let things go (for example, a broken pucker bottle) or just saying mean things. Even when they are teasing...I must just be more sensitive. Although, I don't know why i'm making excuses for it. And I'm not saying that everyone is mean. (for example, i don't think morgan or aaryn or sarah (h or w) has ever been mean). I could always give up drinking but then I wouldn't be able to hang out with my friends because that's all they want to do, and even if they say its not, that's what they do. I'm really buzzed right now.

The first hand: My classes could be worse. I mean, I'm not failing nor do I hate the teachers (except thoms, but he's been ok so far). I dont really care about microeconomics or philosophy...really i don't. But whatever, I guess it's good to get a background in things.

Other hand: Because prof crawford wouldn't let me withdraw from chemistry, i didn't get into mcnair, which means I have no idea how i'm going to pay for grad school without prostituting myself. fucking pisses me off, because i've never been rejected for anything like that. it sucks.

First hand: i like therapy, in fact i think the week goes by faster because i look forward to going. plus, i quote "i like you" yeah that came from her...YAY.

Ok, enough bitching for one occasion.

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