Friday, April 28, 2006

Post 6 can kiss my hemorrhoidy ass!

So, I am counting the days, maybe even hours until someone in Post 6 flips out and yells at me for taking MY dvd player out of the suite area so I can use it. I've used it fucking once. It's mine. And I want to use it. And after thier little impromptu meeting about Molly and Me and how we are friends and that is bad because Molly is apparently evil and it is a bad thing for me to have friends...Fuck 'em. I'd rather let Molly use the dvd player, simply because I like her. And Post 6 (aside from Sicily and Jasmin) can kiss my hemorrhoidy ass.

Ok, so if you have no interest in my personal health issues and/or are offended by female organs/problems than don't read this paragraph. Just remember you have been warned: I have a yeast infection on my breasts. And maybe a regular one. I'm not sure. But I do know that there is a weird smell and a rash there. According to an online diagnosis (yeah, ok, not the best option) I have a yeast infection. I got some cheap-ass Monistat-7 that will hopefully clear it up. If not, I will never have sex because they are funkily scented and quite frankly seeing a doctor about this highly embarrassing problem is not what I need in my life at this time. Also, I have a canker sore about 5 cm long in my mouth. It kinda hurts to brush and eat. And, this fucking dandruff will not go away regardless of how much fucking anti-gross hair shampoo I use. I am beginning to just give up and let my body rot away.

Oh, and I think Robbie gave me mono when he kissed me at Six Flags. The Douglas front is looking bleak. I get no enjoyment out of his huge black cock anymore...maybe it is because I have like 5 diseases or maybe I have just been sexed out for this term. However, when summer vacation rolls around in like 30 out. That penis will be in me so much and so hard and so...well you get it.

On a lighter note, my mom is coming to visit on the 28th of May to ride back to PA with me. YAY!!! I miss my mom. Her living in Florida and me in Illinois and my house in Pennsylvania is just weird. Whatever, I might get to live with her over a summer to do some school shit. Anywhoz, it is 11pm and I am tired from God knows what because my classes were cancelled today. I guess all the Invader Zim I watched made me sleepy.

PS: E! True Hollywood Story: Olivia Newton-John is on tomorrow at 6pm(EST) I do believe and if you would like to tape it for me, that would be more than OK.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

random shit

  1. I realized today that I pretty much hate everyone as a whole. Like "I hate people. Humankind, if you will. Homosapiens, if I can say that." I'm so tired that I just want to curl up with my disgusting and torn blanket and sleep until Thursday...August 24th. Why the 24th? It's not a particularly special day, its just a day far from now that I opened to as I was looking for a random Thursday.
  2. Went to see Ice Age 2 with Molly, Morgan, Perrie, and Robbie (alphabetical order so as to not make people feel more special than others...) Yeah, I'm going to be 20 in 30 days and I saw it. This one part, thousands of sloths dance and shit, and let's just say, I thought I was on acid. I give it 4/5 stars because there was no mammoth sex, as implied by the previews. I saw a kid get spanked in the theater. It was cool, I hate annoying kids, but I hate even more when parents don't do shit about it. So I was pleased to see there is still some sanity left in this world.
  3. Last night instead of studying for my Microeconomics midterm (which by the way, I don't think I failed), I killed some hookers. And by killed some hookers, I mean I watched Robbie play Kingdom Hearts. And by that, I mean we had sex. No, just means I was on Jeff's bed sleeping while Molly typed notes and Robbie bitched at Donald Duck for dying.
  4. Speaking of Tom Petty's "Roll Another Joint"...
  5. Um, so took 4 Vicadin the other day...And btw, its a barrel..not a bucket. A barrel.
  6. And ps: taking vicadin with wine causes you to get on a chair, dance, and sing "You Got It Bad" by Usher into a cordless phone to your friend.
  7. Serious point: I have a super secret which is in my private blog somewhere out there in web land. And no you can not read it by being on my preferred list on myspace. heh heh heh, good try though. Good luck finding it, and if you do, shoot me an email, and i'll track you down, then chop your penis and/or clit off depending on which you possess. In the case that you possess both...well then, kudos.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

why do they expect a witty title?

Things I have learned:
Drinking before a class is probably an even worse idea than before a final. Especially when this class includes a hiking field trip. It is not good to be under the influence of a depressant, while depressed, and hiking.

Anticipation always puts its foot out in front of you, tripping you. When the actual event occurs, you land flat on your face, knocking all or most of you teeth out and breaking your nose.

Video games are the devil. Amplitude keeps me up at night.

Ginny thinks "Maybe you're just horny." That is a really weird quote to hear from her; you would understand more if you saw her. You know how some people just look like they would never swear or do bad things...that is what she looks like. This came from a dream I had, involving sex with a friend.

You know someone is angry when he/she screams, "I hope he gets raped in the ass with an eight-foot pole with knives on the end!"

I didn't get to see Molly at all today. :( It was sad. I hope she reads this. "Happy Easter! I missed you today!"

I miss Norma and Trixie and Scrabble.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fuck life.
Tuesdays used to be my favorite day of the week, but now I hate them. Mainly because today was flunk day. I HATE FLUNK DAY.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

College: good or bad?

College is both good and bad for me right now.
For one, I have lots of fun, and sometimes I even get a good grade, and actually give a shit.

On the other hand, sometimes I drink 5 cups of coffee and blog at 226 am. Also, sometimes like when Prof Thoms talks, I want to kill myself because he is a horrid teacher. Smart, but not teacher material. I miss Judy. She was the best prof ever. Good thing she teaches like every bio class.

Then, back to the first hand, I love the people here. They make me not as depressed unless I'm drunk.

Which takes us back to the other hand. When Im drunk, people are mean to me. They don't let things go (for example, a broken pucker bottle) or just saying mean things. Even when they are teasing...I must just be more sensitive. Although, I don't know why i'm making excuses for it. And I'm not saying that everyone is mean. (for example, i don't think morgan or aaryn or sarah (h or w) has ever been mean). I could always give up drinking but then I wouldn't be able to hang out with my friends because that's all they want to do, and even if they say its not, that's what they do. I'm really buzzed right now.

The first hand: My classes could be worse. I mean, I'm not failing nor do I hate the teachers (except thoms, but he's been ok so far). I dont really care about microeconomics or philosophy...really i don't. But whatever, I guess it's good to get a background in things.

Other hand: Because prof crawford wouldn't let me withdraw from chemistry, i didn't get into mcnair, which means I have no idea how i'm going to pay for grad school without prostituting myself. fucking pisses me off, because i've never been rejected for anything like that. it sucks.

First hand: i like therapy, in fact i think the week goes by faster because i look forward to going. plus, i quote "i like you" yeah that came from her...YAY.

Ok, enough bitching for one occasion.