Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break in da 'ville

Ok, so....it snowed, I slept. What more do you want?

I gots oral surgery scheduled for the 9th of June. Can't wait.

Got thrown out of Wal-Mart for taking pictures...god, you can't even have fun anymore...

Discovered that "No Fear" energy drinks cause diarrhea and intense stomach cramps. However, Lucky Charms can remedy the latter.

I have a weird rash in places that need not be mentioned on here...no it is not the nether regions (aka the vagina) It's really not.

I think I have breast cancer.

Stopped in Bowling Green and had yummy pizza with MichaelLecker.

Um, the ride home was ok until we hit I-74 where it turned into Winter Land of Hell.

That is it.

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