Friday, March 03, 2006

Airports & Motel 6

Ok, so for all of you that have been bitching about needing another installment of my awesomely boring with the fact that I am awake 24/7 due to the fucking shitty science we call chemistry and its laboratory counterpart. Also, this bio lab is haunting me. I have no time to blog...(For the record, Morgan, I'm not really mad)

Seth thinks I'm mad at him because I have to go pick up his boyfriend from the airport tomorrow and I really don't want to...because it wasn't my thing in the first place. Mike was going to do it, cause well they know where the fucking airport is whereas I do not, and now he can't. My car also has like no gas...and I'm sick of paying for gas to drive people around. Actually I'm just sick of driving people around. Having a car here was for two purposes. Get all my shit here with my supervision (I cannot see it on a train) and go to a store when I need things such as Vicks Formula 44 Cough Relief, tampons, and tissues. Perhaps an occasional trip to Prompt Care because my friends were dying. Fine...even if I have some reason to just leave campus, but I didn't agree to go to the airport. I really had no part in the whole Adam thing, and now I am the chauffeur. And what non-student wants to sit around on campus and pay $12 per meal? No one, so I will probably be recruited to drive them to restaurants and shit. (For the record, Morgan, I'm not mad because we went to Iowa...that was fun)

So, I guess I'm mad...I've actually openly admitted that I was. But not AT Seth. I'm mad because plans have changed without my approval, making me the most important factor, and I don't really like it. Plus, I have a pneumonia-like cough and I keep almost vomiting. I don't want to drive to a fucking airport to get someone I'm not really friends with. We have shared internet conversations and a semi-drunk new year's eve party in motel 6...not exactly bosom buddies.


Anonymous said...

gosh you were mad having to pick up adam, i can't imagine how pissed you were that you guys didn't get home until 6 AM. that sucks. i left you a comment on your screenname that i know you won't get until you get back. i dunno if you have a computer at all at your house.. but you should call me sometime this break. or i'll call you.

p.s. i'm glad you weren't mad at me lol, and i'm glad you pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

oh shit p.s. that was me, morgan. :-D