Sunday, March 05, 2006

1984 in 2006

Ok here are my thoughts right now as I stare at my bio lab, not knowing what to do because 139.4 does not equal 500.

George Orwell is my savior. Everyone knows that Big Brother is watching. Everyone knows that pigs will take over the world, because, after all, isn't the world one big farm? Quit denying it...really, it's geting pathetic.

Haven't we all ran into some sort of Thought Policeman? Yeah, you know the one. The "friend" who turned you in for underage drinking, the parent who called the cops cause you stabbed him/her, the stranger who had you arrested for not paying to get his car fixed after you crashed into him...All examples of thought police.

Then there's the Ministry of Truth...yeah the so called "government." Where they change the story to make them look good: Weapons of mass destruction!!!...(someone whispers in his ear)Wait, no I didn't get the memo about there not being any. I, yeah, terrorism. Let's fight that. Strategery!

And isn't the dreaded Room 101 real? I mean isn't our worst fear that it really is true?

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