Monday, March 27, 2006

I just read an article for a class that had the worst grammar ever. It was HORRIBLE!
I just bought a book for this same class that cost $42.

I really have nothing to say, but I'm bored so...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break in da 'ville

Ok, snowed, I slept. What more do you want?

I gots oral surgery scheduled for the 9th of June. Can't wait.

Got thrown out of Wal-Mart for taking pictures...god, you can't even have fun anymore...

Discovered that "No Fear" energy drinks cause diarrhea and intense stomach cramps. However, Lucky Charms can remedy the latter.

I have a weird rash in places that need not be mentioned on it is not the nether regions (aka the vagina) It's really not.

I think I have breast cancer.

Stopped in Bowling Green and had yummy pizza with MichaelLecker.

Um, the ride home was ok until we hit I-74 where it turned into Winter Land of Hell.

That is it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

1984 in 2006

Ok here are my thoughts right now as I stare at my bio lab, not knowing what to do because 139.4 does not equal 500.

George Orwell is my savior. Everyone knows that Big Brother is watching. Everyone knows that pigs will take over the world, because, after all, isn't the world one big farm? Quit denying it...really, it's geting pathetic.

Haven't we all ran into some sort of Thought Policeman? Yeah, you know the one. The "friend" who turned you in for underage drinking, the parent who called the cops cause you stabbed him/her, the stranger who had you arrested for not paying to get his car fixed after you crashed into him...All examples of thought police.

Then there's the Ministry of Truth...yeah the so called "government." Where they change the story to make them look good: Weapons of mass destruction!!!...(someone whispers in his ear)Wait, no I didn't get the memo about there not being any. I, yeah, terrorism. Let's fight that. Strategery!

And isn't the dreaded Room 101 real? I mean isn't our worst fear that it really is true?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Airports & Motel 6

Ok, so for all of you that have been bitching about needing another installment of my awesomely boring with the fact that I am awake 24/7 due to the fucking shitty science we call chemistry and its laboratory counterpart. Also, this bio lab is haunting me. I have no time to blog...(For the record, Morgan, I'm not really mad)

Seth thinks I'm mad at him because I have to go pick up his boyfriend from the airport tomorrow and I really don't want to...because it wasn't my thing in the first place. Mike was going to do it, cause well they know where the fucking airport is whereas I do not, and now he can't. My car also has like no gas...and I'm sick of paying for gas to drive people around. Actually I'm just sick of driving people around. Having a car here was for two purposes. Get all my shit here with my supervision (I cannot see it on a train) and go to a store when I need things such as Vicks Formula 44 Cough Relief, tampons, and tissues. Perhaps an occasional trip to Prompt Care because my friends were dying. Fine...even if I have some reason to just leave campus, but I didn't agree to go to the airport. I really had no part in the whole Adam thing, and now I am the chauffeur. And what non-student wants to sit around on campus and pay $12 per meal? No one, so I will probably be recruited to drive them to restaurants and shit. (For the record, Morgan, I'm not mad because we went to Iowa...that was fun)

So, I guess I'm mad...I've actually openly admitted that I was. But not AT Seth. I'm mad because plans have changed without my approval, making me the most important factor, and I don't really like it. Plus, I have a pneumonia-like cough and I keep almost vomiting. I don't want to drive to a fucking airport to get someone I'm not really friends with. We have shared internet conversations and a semi-drunk new year's eve party in motel 6...not exactly bosom buddies.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Just finished my last chemistry lab....ever. Unless I fail, but as Morgan and I are discussing I won't, cause I'll pay her to pass me. Laugh if you will, but I'd do it. I spilled purple stuff all over the desk right in front of the teacher...of all days to fuck up. Oh well. Don't care.

Ok, so there are times I will see a male and think "What would he look like if he were naked, underneath me, and possibly orgasming?" Yeah...The most recent one's name is "chemistry teaching assistant." (Douglas will be jealous, but oh well.)

Um, so yeah...kinda been having a dry spell in the whole sex department...I'm like a light switch that is stuck on "off," there's just no turning me on. Douglas is not happy, I am not happy, but although I search, I cannot find anything hot in shoving a too-large penis in me right now.

So, I really hate when people casually ask me if I'm okay. If you have to ask, then I am obviously not okay. For example, if I am on the verge of crying, and you can tell these things, please don't go "are you okay?" and then when I say yes, ask "are you sure?" No offense to Judy, but I just really hate it, it makes me even more upset. I almost started crying in chem lab because I don't even know why. Apparently something is bothering me and I'd like to know what it is. Perhaps we should step it up a notch in therapy because I hate feeling this way. I don't know how to change it.

On account of the recent low in dopamine, I decided to consume large amounts of Wild Cherry Pepsi to drown out my sorrows. I hear glucose is good for things like that. No, actually I just made that up. Eh, it happens. I'm going to start packing probably tomorrow because I have a large pile o'shit under my bed, and its kinda disturbing...I need a better organizational system.

I hope we get the theme house because I hate living in a dorm. Especially when the crazies write stuff like "i'm watching you, you're not better than me, fucking cunt ho" on the mirror when its foggy, and people are too stupid to read the sign that says "if you finish a roll [of toilet paper] please put another ON the holder." this translates into "just placing it on the floor next to the toilet still in the wrapping is good enough." And I really hate when people don't turn off the lights in the bathroom. It's fine and dandy that you aren't paying the electric bill directly, but your tuition probably includes a little of that. So be curteous enough to do it, or feel the wrath of no electricity once we use it all up. What will you do, huh? What? (Sorry, world resources has ruined me).