Sunday, February 19, 2006

Whiskey & Douglas

Just got back from a cast party for my friend's play....Everyone was really drunk. I only had like 4 shots of alcohol total, so I wasn't that far gone. We walked to the Broadview (aka hotel restaurant where drunken college students go at 3am) but there was a line so we walked back to our building. It is fucking 0 (zero) degrees outside...WHAT THE FUCK!!!

My breasts have grown, and I must say I really dislike it.

I also do not hate my roommate anymore. She is actually pretty cool. We can bond over the fact that we both hate our bio class and wish there was not a quiz EVERY FUCKING DAY!

All my friends except Morgan, Mike & Sarah went to the Big Gay Conference because, well they are gay. And by all I mean Seth, Aaryn, and Carri. So, Morgan and I decided to drive to Iowa again. We went to the mall where we took pictures of ourselves looking retarded. But hell, we had no money and nothing else to do...When we got back we went to a frat party. It was hella insane. (in a good way) That brings us to today...hungoverness, lunch at the caf (taco day woot), "As You Like It" and then cast party.

Morgan is awesome...and hot. But she doesn't think so. Whatev...she is. I have a bio exam Monday, and I should study because it pretty much is the deciding factor on whether I pass or not....HMMMM? I also have an essay to write tomorrow. TOMORROW WILL SUCK!!! And by tomorrow I mean later today because it's fucking 2:56 am, and I'm not tired. Nor do I feel the urge to go back to the Broadview and hope for a table. So I will sit here and drunkingly write an essay.

I had Whiskey today and it was really good. It was mixed with some sort of store brand soda entitled "sour." It was really good. I also had some Bahama Mama and some sort of Golden Rum...not sure. Anyway I couldn't stand and this weird guy Evan kissed me.

Douglas is my new boyfriend. (Keep in mind, I am a virgin when you read this next sentence) We tried having sex last night, but he is too fucking thick, so he settled for me sucking it. Yeah, not typical Stef behavior but deal with it. (PS: he is black) Maybe we will try again tonight. He's here with me right now. Oh god, I am horny. I know you needed to know that...

Ok, as it is 3:00 am, I'm going to do something other than sit here and go on and on about my sexual encounters and new found alcohol addiction.


Anonymous said...

ohh man whiskey and douglas. good times. i don't think anyone had more fun than we did when we went to iowa. big gay conference my ass. lol. man last night was WEIRD wasn't it? yes, it was.

oh p.s. you're awesomer.

Rae said...

what? douglas..huh? did i miss something?