Thursday, January 05, 2006 is ok. I have three science classes. Why did I choose biology??? SO STUPID. My room is relatively huge. I have so much space, and my roommate is like never here. She's a little weird. And preppy...vomit. My schedule allows for mass amounts of free time. Everyday. Naps are fun though. The cafeteria food is so much better than Gannon's. This is like a 5 star restaurant compared to Gannon. Hmm, let's see what else could I say? My books SO FAR have come to $321.80. And I still have one class left.

New Years Eve sucked a little. First off, I was one of the three sober people because I had to drive people home. For two reasons really: 1) i have a license & car 2) we were going to aaryn's and her parents are in AA. Not a good idea to show up there drunk. I felt kinda jealous of some of the people there because I really wanted to drink with them, but whatever. Then, we were about to leave and my fingers were slammed in a door, so now they're kinda, you know, broken. Then, as I was crying and attempting to drive back to aaryn's, I realized that I just wanted to go home and fuck everyone/thing else. I couldn't sleep until around 6 am which sucked because I had to get up, finish packing, and drive to Illinois in like two-four hours. It was bad. I almost had a breakdown, but I managed to fall asleep before I could let that happen.

I am now one hour behind what I used to be...that's not really important, just a statement.

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Rae said...

well i hope you enjoy this school!
I have to pay for this 1,000$ semester without a loan because they told me i could spend my refund but i couldnt...
i miss you
now youll never visit :(