Saturday, December 31, 2005


I'm leaving for Illinois on Sunday sometime probably after noon. Gah, I so don't want to go. It's a 12 hour drive and I have nothing packed, and I still have like two loads of laundry to do. And get health information, and pay tuition. AHHH!!! I also haven't slept in like 48 hours.

Wal-Mart is officially the worst fucking place on earth. I never want to shop there again. I hate them. They are the shittiest unfriendlies in the world. I will not go into details, but I will say, that if a Wal-Mart in my area burns down, it's cause I did it. I fucking hate them.

I don't actually want to write a lot, but I just wanted to inform the regulars that I am indeed posting still. I have not forgotten about you. I went crazy at Dollar General today. I bought so much stuff for my dorm room. The only thing I look forward to is decorating and such. Grrr. This week is going to be so freaking hectic, I don't know if there will be another update soon. However, once things get settled in school, all will be well.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Dear johnwarner71915400,

Thank you for leaving a completely shit comment about Nano and circuits and other fucking useless information. I can't wait for you to visit my site again and add even more random unimportant fuckshit to my blog. However, if you attempt stupid shit like this again, I will hunt you down on the internet and do the same thing to you. Only, I know how to find the most useless things and you will pay for leaving this stupid shit for me. I appreciate your stupidity, as it makes me feel better about myself. Thanks for the self-esteem boost. I now know my intelligence level is higher than some people. Have a nice useless existence on Earth John Warner.

Friday, December 16, 2005

what's goin on?

Nothing...I have various cuts all over me from a spastic cat. One is infected. I also have homemade stitches in my thumb cause I got hurt. Reason not impotant. My X-Mas shopping for not family is done. I'm drinking a Jones Soda. I'm at Aaryn's. The weather was really shitty, and I don't trust my shit car to make it home. A few weeks ago, I ended up in the ditch, pointing the opposite way of which I started out. Then, my dad was driving and my shit brakes almost put us in a different ditch. I went to Pittsburgh to visit Brittney. Alcohol is no longer fun for me. It tastes bad and I get no enjoyment out of it. I had about two sips and decided "eh, it's not that great to get drunk"