Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Insomnia Controls Me

So, I almost made it 24 hours without sleeping...I was only off by about ten minutes. This week has been super crazy so far, and it's only Tuesday.

Saturday I woke up not long before having to attend Thanksgiving dinner at my gma's. We were the first ones there, but closely followed by everyone else. After eating, we played Sequence, and everyone in my family is intensely competitive. We were like screaming and half of us were on cold medicine and in that weird sleepy nyquil induced phased out mood. Regardless, it was fun. I think I may be the only person I know who actually doesn't dread these sorts of get togethers.

Sunday I woke up at one and left at 145 to go to Norma's for scrabble. However, I helped her clean her gutters, because that's what we did. No other explanation needed. Fun times (sarcasm), the hose thingy turned into sprinkler system and went nutso. Anyway, I was so tired, that when we were playing scrabble, I couldn't spell or think. I lost. Twice. Then, I went to Giant Eagle to buy condoms for Aaryn (explanation later) and I was being all discrete about it, until the cashier was like "Do you want THESE (held up in air) bagged separately from the donuts?" I was like "Put them in the bag." And I left...embarrassing. Then I went to Wal-Mart, as I waited for Amanda to call me so I could go to Aaryn's house and decorate her room. I bought yarn so I could crochet something. Then, I went to Aaryn's house and decorated her room with scented/colored/flavored condoms. Then, we played TriBond, and I watched tv until like 2 am. At this point I fell asleep.

Monday: At 415 AM, my alarm went off, and I was so tired, I couldn't figure out why it was ringning...I thought someone was calling me, and after only 2 hours of sleep, this was completely acceptable. I proceded to Country Fair to buy a fairly large caffeine-packed cappuccino. The guy at the counter was like, "Good morning!" I was standing there in obviously slept in clothing, with gloves at 430 am, in 30 degree weather, and this man was sooo increbibly chipper. "I uttered a sleepy, "hi" and paid. Then he was like "Have a nice day!" and I think I said something about it being ass early. Then I drove to Erie to acquire Aaryn. Only, there are two exits for the same road...and well, you guessed it, Stef took the wrong one and was driving aimlessly through erie on a caffeine buzz. After not finding 14th, but 12th and 15th, I went to a country fair to ask where the amtrak was. A stoner was like "What is Amtrak?...Erie has a train station???" And the clerk was like "I have no idea," as did 8 other customers...I knew at this point in time, that I had chosen the wrong place to stop...Well, 5 minutes and one business guy later, I was back on the road. I finally found the damn thing, following three traffic violations, including a u-turn and wrong way on a one way street. Just as the passengers were getting off. Then we drove back to Meadville where I picked up Brittney and a very exhausted group of people went to Perkins. We were all in that goofy phase of sleep deprivation, it's a shock that we didn't get thrown out. The eggs made me sick. I had the shits for awhile...Nice to know, huh? Then I took her home, Aaryn's brother to school, and back to her house. Now, you'd think I'd have slept, but alas, we started to play DDR. Then Frequency, then watched Gilmore girls. Then as boredom increased at a surprising rate, we went back to perkins. This lasted until about 1130. Then I learned how to crochet and at 2 am, went home to sleep. This brings us up to now.

Tuesday: I took aaryn to an orthodontist appointment and am sitting on her computer playing Family Feud. I am thinking of sleeping as I am incredibly tired. Peace out homes...sorry for that. I am tired.

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