Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I don't think that it was just menstruation making me ill, however, I woke up at precisely 8 am and felt like I was 18 again. And by that, I mean I was able to sit up and walk around without vomiting up my lungs and duodenum.

And I think I dislocated my thumb last night in my sleep. It hurts like hell, but only when I apply pressure to the top or when I move things. I tried to stir some mac and cheese, but they were too heavy for my thumb. It was either my insane movements while sleeping or it is from being beaten by a cat on Saturday, but I don't know why it wouldn't hurt until today. The heating pad seemed to work, and BenGay did not do I just sit in with it, that's my motto. Not really, but whatev. And its my right thumb! I'm not left-handed.

This is about Sphere, if you have any intent to read this at some point, and don't want to know what happens, don't read... Sphere (although I have about 70 pages left) was disappointing in the sense that Jerry was really Harry...I really wanted it to be an alien, not just some subconscious thing controlling a squid. It is, however, a real page turner. And what the hell is with Beth getting all up in Norman's grill and getting naked and shit? He never even thinks about his wife when he decides not to fuck her. You'd think that one of his thoughts would've been "I'm married. With children." Not just, "Wow, Beth is acting strange." Men never do that...They never go "Sex? With a beautiful woman? Hmm, not now, because she's acting a little odd."

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