Friday, October 28, 2005

What's Up?

This is what you might ask me if you met me in Wal-Mart or at the gas station. Well, let me tell you. I broke down the other day, yesterday actually, and decided to cut off some of my out-of-control hair. Seven inches to be exact. Now it is shoulder length...because she cut it two inches shorter than I asked. Bitch!

I also carved a pumpkin (the one from Finny's) and it is so kick-ass. Yes, I am happy about my jack-o-lantern. I was complimented on it. And I managed to keep 8 fingers.

I passed out trick-or-treat candy this lovely evening, while reading "Sphere" because 9 kids came at 6:05 and that was it until 7:30 when my cousins stopped by.

I had to drive to a gas station today so I could call my friend in Illinois. This creepy guy looked at me and stood staring at me for a couple seconds...I locked my doors.

Family Guy is on now, as it is everyday at 11:30 pm, and so I must part with you, the dedicated reader. Please leave many comments about how I can make money from home, because I really enjoy deleting all the emails alerting me of these lovely comments. Please also comment about how this blog is so interesting and how you have bookmarked. Honestly, flooding my inbox is the greatest compliment.

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