Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Great Day...

I watched a really crappy Lifetime movie yesterday...oh wait, that's redundant.

Anyhow, I'm in a particularly good mood today but this has been bothering me for hmm...I'd say 5 years. I have this friend who I used to spend so much time with. We had so much fun, doing everything together. Every weekend was spent at one of our houses. The problem arose when she got a boyfriend. Now, it was only like 9th grade, so I wasn't completely jealous. I was way too concerned with passing high school then having someone to kiss and grope in the halls. I'm a nerd, what can I say. She became even ruder than she was before. She constantly called me fat and made fun of everything I did. But the moment I pointed out a small mistake she made, I was the bad guy, the bitch, etc. Fine, I found a way to deal with that. Then, she started ignoring me completely or when she was around, it was only about her.

This is where things got even worse. A new boyfriend came along and this one was very serious. So serious, that she lost her virginity to him. She wasn't the type to sleep with anyone, in fact one guy dumped her because she wouldn't fuck him. Anyway, he was a complete jerk to her. I found him to be immature, condescending, and emotionally abusive. However, when she asked for my honest opinon, and stupid me actually gave her my honest opinion, she got so pissed and told me "well, if you ever get a boyfriend, you'll understand." Ok, so thanks for implying that I am too fat and disgusting to ever have someone to love me. And yeah, I was totally jealous of him telling her she's fat (at 115 pounds) and stupid. I honestly couldn't/can't understand why she is with him. One day we went somewhere together and he was there... Needless to say I did everything by myself while she dicked around with him and his friends eventhough they had spent the whole god damn day in school together. For about the next year, I heard nothing from her. NOTHING.

Moving on...she got into a car accident because she was still high from smoking with him and basically wrapped her car around a tree. After a three day coma and overcoming a broken neck, she decided she wanted to be my friend again. So, ok. I'm ok with her wanting to spend less time with the dickhead and more time with friends. Unfortunately, all her friends from school had decided that they spent too much time together so they gave up on her. The accident was in April (ish). Around December, she found out she was pregnant...and a senior in high school who had missed like two months the previous year because of the accident. Now, I'm her best friend in the world and the only one she can talk to about everything. And by everything, I mean her boyfriend. I can't remember a time when she asked about me or how my life was, or about school, or anything that didn't involve him.

Skip ahead about 8 months. I'm going off to college and she's like "Oh, we should do something before you go away because I won't see you for awhile." WTF? We haven't done shit together in like 6 months...you never call me because you are either at the doctor's or His house. Fuck you. Alas, I did stuff with her because I am passive aggressive and introverted. I never say anything to people about how they treat me. A month later she has her baby and I once again do not matter because, well she's a mom. You'd think by this time I would learn that I should just give up on this relationship. Well, I am apparently a slow learner.

Moving on to a weekish ago. I decided to do something with her because I haven't seen her in awhile and I was bored. We were having a good time and she mentioned that she and her boyfriend get drunk just about every Saturday night. I asked if I could come and she said yes, but they didn't have any alcohol left. I agreed to pay for half of it. I gave her ten bucks and went home. Lovely...I had plans for the next night, getting trashed...woo hoo. Anyway she calls me like an hour before I'm supposed to pick her up and tells me that her parents are suspicious because I'm hanging out with her and the dickhead so we should do it the next weekend. Now, who wouldn't be just a little upset over the fact that they changed around their whole saturday to do this and then had everything fall through? I am fully justified in being angry about that. The next Saturday comes...no phone call from her. At this point, I'm so upset, I don't want to call her and ask what the hell is going on. Also, I'm not sure whether I want to go drink with them, get my ten bucks back, or get half the rum that my money paid for...

That's my vent for now. Otherwise, I am having a very good week. Upon waking, I realized it was a very beatiful day. I made excellent pancakes this morning. First time ever...Also, the coffee tasted exceptionally good today. Scrabble was fun today too. We each won a game. Yesterday, the technical first day of the week, went quite well. It wasn't too cold, like Saturday, and nothing horrible happened. Family Guy wasn't on because of Baseball, but I got over it and found a rerun on another channel.

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Rae said...

I commend you for not complaining about everything. Bravo.

i mean minus the obvious but thats worth complaining about because she obviously uses you when she has nothing better to do. Dump her.