Monday, October 17, 2005

title? i don't know

Eh, I have not been in the creative mode lately. That would explain the lack of blogging. So, if you have a myspace account, add me. I will comment and such. I'm bored right now. I would always love someone to chat with. I also have a group...join and post things there. My Myspace

Hmm, so what has been up? Nothing. The other day, I got high for the first time...I don't see why people want to do it all the time. There's nothing exciting about it. Your eyes just start to hurt after awhile. Blah. I also tried to get drunk, but three shots and two rum and cokes don't do it.

Lately, I have been more talkative and I haven't had a breakdown in over a week. I'm very happy about this. Hmm, I can't wait until Saturday, because I want to have fun, and this Saturday I might. There's always hope for me. Eh, ok not always, but I'm working on that.

God, there is nothing to do around here during the day so I sit and watch the wind blow waiting for a call about a job that never comes. Luckily I got to drive into Meadville today. I get to do it tomorrow too. Yippy Skippy! There's also nothing on tv. I just felt like updating this beautiful blog today to give Rae something to read. (Your welcome, and you're right, there isn't anything here) Grr. I can see this is going to be another night of Sudoku until 1 am. Perhaps I will work on my wishlist...


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