Friday, October 21, 2005

Sneezing Blood

Ug, what a shitty morning. The best alarm clock is definitely a fly landing on your nose and then crawling over your face. Then, I had to blow my nose because of this damn death sickness, and ended up sneezing blood. Needless to say, I am drinking Dayquil like coffee during one of my Perkins night binges…

I’ve also been wearing the same pants for like three days for two reasons:
1) They’re not in my laundry basket.
2) They are super fucking comfy and warm.

So, in order to make my room look less like ground zero following a natural disaster, I decided to do laundry. The basket was so freaking heavy, I thought I was going to throw my back out lifting it. I did however manage to squeeze it all into two loads, because unlike just about everyone in the world, I don’t separate whites and colors. Mostly because our washer is broke, and to get cold water, you have to unscrew the thing and stand there with the hose until it turns on.

I’m so incredibly tired; my jaw hurts from yawning so much. My wish list online just keeps getting longer and longer, and its kinda depressing, because I keep thinking of things I want, but can’t afford. I’m so materialistic, its sad…but only with clothes, movies, cds, and books. I don’t need a fancy car (however, one that works more than 79% of the time would be nice) and I don’t need nice furniture (a non-broken mattress would be nice too). I just want to have tons of books and movies. And if I wake up tomorrow and want to wear cords and a nice shirt, then I should be able to.

Aaryn comes back in 29 days…how exciting!! I can’t wait because she is my friend and I want a friend to go to Perkins with and watch Gilmore Girls season 4 with and play DDR with and be jobless with and drink fake soda and eat stale chips with.

Slippers are beautiful…especially when your feet are freezing. I’m going to a football game tonight…woo hoo, but at least I won’t be sitting at home staring at a computer screen.

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