Monday, October 31, 2005

Sick :(

Why am I so sick today? God, why does my stomach have to hate me? Fuck my stomach. I am so tired. I almost fell asleep at 8. Warning, Scream 3 is probably a bad movie. I watched teh first 7 minutes and decided that it was not worth wasting two hours on it. That's how bad it is. Then, when we got home, I watched teh last 10 minutes, and got the full effect of the whole movie. I need to like clean out my stomach and start over. I lost another pound...but that's probably not from my healthy eating, that's from me being so nauseus I can't move, and not eating at all. I am also always fucking exhausted. I have no idea why. I lie in bed for hours waiting to fall asleep because I will be sitting here doing computer things, and get tired, so I'll lie down, and it'll be gone. I'll be wide awake. But then, when I do fall alseep, it's an incredibly deep sleep, for example, I slept through my alarm which is right by my head for an hour and a half and it gets increasingly louder every ten seconds you don't push the snooze button, and I sleep for like 12 hours. Nothing wakes me up. There are three phones in my house and they all ring 4 times before the answering machine comes on. One is in my room...Nothing. It's depressing. Yeah. Anyway, no one flooded my inbox with comments last time, so I'm hoping it happens this time. I miss reading them.

If you read the myspace blog "eek", don't read this:
I woke up this morning and sighed when I saw the clock. Noon again? I thought. Then, I was like, oh god, I forgot, it's daylight savings time...YAY!!! It's only 11.

I have been really nauseus all day, so I decided to eat. A hotpocket. It was very good, but I was still hungry. So I ate chicken. Bad choice. The grease made me sicko again. Now I am sucking down a ginger ale in hopes of it settling me. It won't.

We have to get groceries still and its 4 pm already. Maybe I can convince my dad to stop at Quiznos because it is next to the grocery store, and I really want to eat a yummy sub. While the Whole Darn Thing is scrumptious, they don't have the choices of Quiznos, and I always get the same thing at WDT.

I reek of grease because of the tripod my camera is on. It's there so I can take pictures of myself. Yeah...that's right I do that.

I deleted almost a gig of shit off my computer today. I was just like, eh, I have nothing else to do, so I will clean my comp. I had to get rid of a lot of porn, as you know, that takes up shitloads of space. Haha, no really.

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I always inspired by you, your thoughts and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Joe