Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rae, this one's for you.

So we were at Finny's Pumpkin farm today, and as we were leaving with our $3 pumpkin, the ninja turtle cutouts were looking a little strange. Almost lifelike. Before we knew what was happening, they came to life and Donatello started ninjaing my dad. Well, good thing he had that pumpkin, because he threw it to the ground and it poofed into a sort of energy thing, surrounding him and protecting him from the ninja blows. There was no way for me to call for help because my cell phone had no reception, as usual, and everyone else was to awestruck to do anything. Unbeknownst (yes that is a word) to me, my dad is a jedi knight. He whipped out what we thought was a pencil, but it transformed into a super light saber, a purple one...Purple is a symbol for royalty. Anyway, the energy thing disappeared and Donatello jumped back. Dad was going insane with his jediness, totally kicking ass, when Michelangelo whipped out some nunchucks and came at me. As Donatello and Dad were heading into the cornstalk hut, Dad shouted, "May the force be with you Stef!" Well, only one person returned from the hut, and his name is not Donatello. Wait, he's a turtle, let me rethink that. Only one creature returned, and that was the human.

Meanwhile, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the only thing there - my cell phone. Well, it turned out to be even more worthless than I had originally thought, so I threw it on the ground. "Shit, what now?" I said as the crazed turtle came at me. At a distance of maybe two feet, Michelangelo slipped on some mud and fell flat on his shell. And, as everyone knows, a turtle on its back is having bad luck. I stood over him as he struggled to flip over and laughed. "Well, we can thank Mother Nature for that." Then I chuckled some more and walked over to my Dad. We did one of those sappy, end of the movie, hero family hugs and started leaving. As soon as we reached the other side of the road, we heard someone calling to us. It was Finny, telling us that we could have a free pumpkin to replace the poofed one, and a free cup of hot apple cider each...Aw, how sweet, right? That's what we thought...

When suddenly he turned into a massive spider, but my dad, that quick thinker, took his shoe and stabbed him in the eye with the shoe lace tip.

The End...or is it??


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Rae said...

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