Thursday, October 06, 2005

Midol is my Savior

If you are a male reader, I suggest skipping the blue paragraph...

Today I woke up only to enter the wonderful world of womandom.'s called cramp city. I was in so much pain I had to crawl to the bathroom and then I almost passed out on the toilet. Then, after finally returning to my lovely bed, I started sweating soo much, there were puddle-type things on my bed. I was finally down to just a bra and underwear with the fan on full blast and the windows in the house open...It was still not enough cool air to make me not die from dehydration. I tried standing up to implement a blood catching instrument, but I had to lean against a chair, and after only ten seconds, I got very light-headed and blurry vision. After collapsing onto my bed again, I blindly searched for my Midol, which I might add is the best fucking invention EVER, and ripped open the package. Damn them for being individually wrapped...I was finally able to grab a possibly three day old soda can and get enough fluid and energy to down the two pills...At this point I either passed out or fell asleep. Either way, I woke up about an hour later feeling like I was sleeping in a snow cone. I was no longer in pain or hot as hell and had to put on a flannelish shirt and sweat pants because I was freezing my ass off. I fell asleep again and woke up about four hours later. Needless to say, at this point I feel much better and no longer wish to kill whomever created women to have periods...

I should watch "That 70's Show" more often.
I have sunk to a new low...I'm applying at a gas station.
I need something to keep me busy at night...television sucks.

Oh my cramps are returning...Those damn pills were supposed to last until 11 pm!!!!


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