Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Human Trafficking

At first I was worried about watching a Lifetime movie, but then I was like "What the hell? If it sucks, then I can just not watch the rest." So, I watched Human Trafficking, and the first half was really good. I had to wait until today to watch the second half, and for the first time I didn't feel like I wasted four hours. Most four hour movies are shit, but this one actually wasn't. It took 3 3/4 hours to reach the climax, and at times you weren't sure which country they were in, but all in all I give it four stars (out of five). Mira Sorvino made a hot mail-order bride...ha. I don't really like how they summed it all up in the last minute, with clips of them busting all the brothels that weren't really mentioned in the rest of the story, except for the fact that they existed. It was very graphic, though, so if seeing a fourteen year old get raped or an eleven year old getting her neck broken offends you, I don't suggest ever watching it.

Hmm, nothing else has been going on...Uh, I bought gloves and a matching scarf the other day (can we say girly). Also, my friend sent me a virus through AIM, although he didn't do it on purpose. So now I sit here with my 5 hour virus scan trying to find any other infected files. Our power keeps going out. The whole "town" has been losing power causing a HUGE blackout. And by town, I mean all 20 houses in this lovely 2 square mile area.

Eek! I went to my high school to do something in the guidance office and naturally, I went to pull down in front of the school, you know where the office is. Well, the rent-a-cop crossing guard was like "Are you picking up your kid?" Ok, I might add here that I don't look older than maybe 25, meaning I would've been 10 when I had this child. So I replied with "No I have to see the guidance counselor." Apparently this translated into, "I'm breaking into the school because I love it so much." But he was like "You'll have to go park down there. Either the student parking lot or along the curb. We can't let just anyone down there." WTF does that mean? What gave him the impression that I was a terrorist? Was it the fact that school was letting out in 3 minutes leaving no students or teachers for me to kill? Was it my lizard steering wheel cover? No, I think it was the pillows and the purse on my passenger seat that put me right into that terrorist category. Then the ass sees me walking down the sidewalk with a piece of paper and my car keys...That's it. Oh yeah, where's the bomb and/or gun? Duh! In my bra...So I go in, and since someone held the door open for me, I didn't have to push the button and "state my purpose for visiting." So I go in the office to sign in, and the secretary was so incredibly kind, I thought I would vomit when she turned to me and said, "Who are you?" Well, bitch, I'm a visitor since I'm signing in on the fucking VISITOR'S NOTEBOOK. So I told her why I was there and she's like "Well, put on a nametag and go." So I looked around and there weren't any, so I was like "Um..." and she's like "Oh, they're all gone? Here," and tosses one at me. Thanks. It's a fucking dog head thing, so I'm thinking "I'm not putting this fucking thing on." Now, as you recall all the students are leaving because school is over, I'm sure someone was going to stop me in the hall and say, "Hey, you graduated already didn't you?" I saw one of my old teachers who I had for 6 years (7-12) and kinda waved and she ignored me...She must still think my name is Ashley...So it takes me two seconds to do what I went there for and I go back to sign out and Miss Friendly is like "Well, that didn't take very long." I looked at her and walked out. She was so nice when I was a student, but apparently after you graduate, people there no longer have to be congenial.


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