Thursday, October 06, 2005


I didn't allow comments on the last one because I'm sick of people flooding my inbox with comment notifications because people are putting ads in my comment section.

Fuck McAfee and its goddamn popups telling me that internet explorer, which I don't even fucking use, is being accessed by a "third party" every three fucking seconds.

Fuck people who call and don't leave a message, but hang up after the fucking answering machine has picked up so you have ten seconds of nothing and then the click from the hang up.

Fuck insects that land on you, you brush them away, then they land in the same fucking place...OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Fuck the tvguide channel for telling me that Family Guy is on when it is clearly not because some fucking stupid anime show is on.

Fuck one-ply toilet paper for not lasting as long as it should...leaving you wondering how you are going to peel the little pieces off your still-shitty ass.

Fuck the porn people who keep sending me emails about how I can enlarge my penis...Newsflash fuckers, I am a girl, I don't have a fucking penis. I don't have a boyfriend and therefore, do not know anyone who needs to enlarge his fucking penis.

Fuck nail polish that peels off ten fucking seconds after you apply it.

Fuck people who make you feel like complete shit, but are too out of touch to know that they do it. Or they simply don't care.

Fuck certain people who, although they know my phone number and have a phone, refuse to call me ever, but every time I call them, it is a bad time...well fine, then you call me. Fuck you for pretending like it’s my fault that we never talk.

If it has been unclear to you, I am extremely upset today. I hate everyone and everything but do not want to talk to anyone about it. Because the only people that I can talk to will just make it fucking worse or refuse to listen to what I have to say. Or they will just tell me that I am a lazy fuck who is making up her depression and that I think it is fucking cool to wake up each morning and take pills. Because who doesn't love waking up each and every morning and eating a piece of bread with a pill and getting diarrhea because of the effects on the body and getting killer fucking headaches every day because of the self-inflicted stress from being so fucking unhappy? Oh yeah, sounds like a real amusement park. I love waking up everyday with no one next to me because I know I will never be good enough to sleep next to someone. I love having to punch walls and break things to let out my anger. I love all the mood swings, muscle aches, bloody knuckles, sleepless nights, long ass days. But what I love most, is crying myself to sleep because I exhaust myself, resulting in one hell of a good night’s sleep.

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