Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blah, Yay, Ouch!

This is a little personal and you may find it strange to read. If you don't want to know a strange personal fact about me, don't read anymore of this paragraph. Today I was messing around in my room with my scale, you know, making myself depressed because I'm fat and gross, the usual. Then I was like "Hey, people always make fun of/point out my massive breasts. I wonder how much they weigh..." So in a very uncomfortable position, I plopped them out on to the scale, and was almost blown away. I don't think I would weigh so much, if they were like half the size they are..."Big breasts are a blessing, men find them sexy." Fuck that blessing...Men don't have to lug around these four pounds of breasts, that's why they're sexy. If you were to ground them up, you could make four boxes of hamburger helper...FOUR POUNDS OF BREASTS!!

Anyway, aside from being depressed about that...I am having a wonderful week. Nothing exciting has happened, but I also haven't been sitting in a corner with a razor blade wanting to kill myself. I don't know what the fuck was wrong with me today, but I had so much freaking energy, it was peculiar. I turned my Marz, NIN, and Hed pe music up really loud - along with some shit music because believe it or not, I have shit music on my computer - put my hair up in the most ridiculus style, and danced like a highly intoxicated person. Then, I decided that my hair do was horrible and should be added to the horrible pictures of me I have on my computer. So, I did that and then decided to photoshop it. I made burn victim, incredibly obese me, blonde me, and goth freak. It was fun, and really let me explore my photoshop skills, which are non-existent. Blonde does NOT work for me.

Yesterday I went on a major health kick, and decided to exercise. I was doing step ups for like half an hour, and my calves hurt like HELL today. I realized that 80 is my cut off for crunches. Also, I have a meal plan which is working out for me. And since I peed a lot yesterday, the scale reports that I lost three pounds since yesterday...but it might have been the water in my hair because I had just taken a shower and my hair was up in a towel. I don't know. My abs don't feel any more like a "six pack" but it takes time. My goal is to lose two pants sizes by Christmas, and if I don't go crazy on Thanksgiving, I'm sure I can do it...Or I could fast for a couple days prior to the festivities. And by my birthday, my goal is to be down another size or two, which puts me in a nice spot for swimsuit season...Not anorexic skinny, but not morbidly obese either.


Rae said...

are you ever coming back..

Muskie said...

I was going to send you an email asking if you got any weird emails about this post, but I couldn't find a way to send you an email...

So I decided to leave you a comment instead as I also noticed you hadn't received any weird comments about this posting yet, or you deleted them.

Surely using the phrase four pounds of breasts in bright red attracted some attention from either casual viewers or the search engines? I ended up on your blog by doing a search in Technorati for the phrase massive calves as it was the err focus of a recent blog post of mine. Alas I have yet to turn up my posting but I'm not terribly disappointed as I enjoyed reading your posting. I mean four pounds of breasts!

I guess your blog is just more massive and calf-tastic than mine. I've given you a link but it might take awhile before I get it online.

Cheers from China