Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Next Day...

Ok so last night I was totally depressed and in a whiny sort of mood. I sat on a bench at a park for like an hour crying. It was bad. However, today I am in a super good mood. I called my friend and left a weird drawn out message on her answering machine; it was so long, I got cut off.

I went to the doctor today and sat in the waiting room for freaking ever. First off, I am annoyingly always on time, or a few minutes early. Today I get there around 1:38 for a 1:45 appointment. Somewhere around 2:20, I go to the receptionist and ask what in hell is going on. "Oh, he has a lot of patients today."
"Oh, silly me. I thought that when an appointment that I didn't want, but was forced into by your staff, is scheduled, the doctor actually has time to see me. Next time, I will just come in 45 minutes late and you probably won't even notice." So I sit back down. Around 2:35, I finally get called back and sit there for like five minutes. Then the doctor comes in and is like "So, you are you feeling today? Good? That's good. Are your pills giving you any trouble? No? Excellent. Come back in January. Bye."
Did I miss something? I just sat out there with screaming children and staring elderly people to come back here, be freaked out by the pap smear kit sitting on the counter in front of me, be asked two questions, and then leave? WTF? We could have done that in a phone call and I would have saved the gas I used to get to the office. I also would have saved water, because I wouldn't have had to shower to look not homeless, and I would've been able to sleep until 1:44. I hate that doctor. I honestly don't know where he got his degree. His bedside manner is sickening.

On to good news...I am going to Illinois in two days! Yeah that's right!!! WOO HOO! Another state I can mark off of my "States I've been to" Map. Along with Ohio and New York. Yippe Skippy! I can't wait because I get to see my lovely Aaryn again! Oh god, orgasm. And I will see if I like the school enough to pay $40 to apply, and then take out a loan that I will be paying off til I die, and sell my kidney on ebay just to pay tuition. But, if I enjoy the school sooo much that I orgasm when I hear the word Knox, the kidney removal surgery and scar will be well worth it.

Pee time.

For the record, I really did go to the bathroom after typing that.

Hmm, what else is new since 11:30 last night? Not, I went to the bank today and deposited $97. Yeah, now I have...$97 in my account. I also went to CVS to pick up a refill on my pills. Tomorrow's post will probably be more entertaining, as I will have done something before posting instead of sitting around in my room watching the wind blow.

Oooh! I have a myspace account...with pictures! *GASP* To view it simply click here.
Also, maybe later I will get creative and post something fun! The night is young, especially since I have nothing to do.

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