Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ok, so Aaryn told me to be at her house by three cause that's when they were leaving to go to Illinois. No one was there so I sat across the street waiting, with the horrible fear that they left already. Well, Aaryn was mistaken because her mom said 3:30 because she had class until 3. Well, she had to go to the hospital to do something so I sat in the living room with a Zeus watching "Battle of the Network Reality Stars" which was surprisingly interesting. We finally headed out around 5 pm. We had to go to Erie to pick up Aaryn's cousin Sara. So, it was Aaryn's mom, sister Amanda, cousin, Amanda's friend Randy, and me in the car.

It took us around 11 hours to get there. We were going to stay in the first hotel we could find, but there weren't any, so we ended up staying in the one they had reservations in for the next night. We were all so incredibly tired when we got there, because we had been awake the whole time. We got to the room around 4:00 am (their time...they're an hour behind). Along the way we collected random things for Aaryn, such as a happy meal box, the toy, some french fries, and a really shitty tattoo of a clown. The next morning, everyone was still exhausted and took forever to get down to the FREE continental breakfast. Best Western has the shittiest muffins...They were really gross. Anyhow...

Then we went to the school where we met up with Aaryn and Seth and they gave us a tour of the campus in case I would consider it. There are a shitload of squirrels there, and you can walk up to them. The library had a spiral staircase, it was nice. There are a lot of trees there and the landscaper won an award for his work. Uh...then we went to a Steak & Shake for lunch. Amanda got a milkshake poured down her back. They gave me the wrong bread for my sandwich. It was good though. Then we went to see "Corpse Bride" and it was good. We then went back to campus and hung out with their friends, Mike and Sarah at the Gizmo. After that drawn out boring time (hey, i have to be honest), we went to a Chinese Buffet with the BEST green beans I have ever had. Also, there were squids there...it was creepy. Then, we went to see "Flightplan" and Seth and I made fun of the dialogue the whole time. It was good, but it was very easy to make fun of. Then I went back to Aaryn's dorm room and we made popcorn. "The Outer Limits" was on so we watched it and it was totally weird. Seth called us to play DDR with Mike, Sarah, and him in his room. We did for awhile, but it started getting late and we were all really tired so we went back to her room. Since we wanted something to make us sleep we watched "Sleeping Beauty." It was 4 am at the earliest when I fell asleep.

We had to get up at 9 to go to the hotel so Aaryn and Sara could swim for a bit and so we could get the FREE breakfast again. It was much better this time. While they were swimming, the rest of us sat around discussing the Bible, and how we all think it is a bunch of malarkey. This went on for quite some time...which is weird. Then, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch where we played Buzz Word. Then it was time to take Aaryn back to the dorm and head home. We said good-bye and got in the car. Since we were only 25 miles from Iowa, we went to Iowa. Then we drove all the way back to Meadville...It rained all the way across Ohio, and I don't know if you (the reader) has ever done that, but it takes FOREVER!! We got back around 4 am.

That was it. I slept about 11 hours from 8 am Friday to 5 am Monday. Um...



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