Friday, August 12, 2005

So...summer vacation 2005's been what? About five months. Let's update!!!
  1. I still have no life.
  2. I still have no money.
  3. I still have no one to have sex with.
  4. I have been diagnosed with a chronic disease...
  5. I have a new best friend.
  6. I have a new view on life.
I suppose I could explain my new best friend. She is like two inches taller than moi. She has mostly brown hair. She has green eyes. I just ate a really disgusting peach. Like I mean really gross. Ok, anyway, she is totally awesome. I can tell her anything except one thing. But, I can't tell anyone that. She's the only one I have ever told my deepest secret. Um, she lives with no other human, but has cats and bunny rabbits. I love the one, it's terribly cute. She's really bad at checkers. And I mean, bad; she loses EVERYTIME. She's a biologist at the place where I work. Also, she's older than me, but that makes absolutely no difference to me.

I discovered that I don't actually see anything but what is inside people. For example, Norma is 52, and to me that's just a number. Kymi gets a lot of shit because she is Asian. I don't think about that at all. I really don't and I guess that makes me a good person.

However, I'd like all the people who read this to know - yes all 3 of you - that I am not a good person. I have driven drunk. I have done other illegal things. I have said things to people that I didn't mean because I was upset. I offend people all the time, and quite frankly, I don't care. Seriously, I am a horrible person. Let's see...what else has changed?

My view on life: I don't care about my existence. I suppose that is why I am on pills...Gee whilikers, um...If I were to be in a car accident, I wouldn't want to live: someone else could have my organs, since I'm a donor. If a deer ran out in front of me and my car went insane and struck a tree, I think I would have soo much fun.

Hey, so since it's late...well ok, I've been partying like mad at my friend's house. We really knocked back the whiskey, rum, and brandy...yeah. I'm smashed?? Am I a virgin mother? That'd be it wouldn't. Anyway, fuck I'm tired.

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Rae said...

I am kind of upset to know that you dont tell me things. I am your cousin but if you havent noticed I am completely not close to our family so it isnt like i would tell anyone. I would really like to know why you want to die so badly. It is such a simple persons way out and you are too smart to do that shit. But it seems to me like you dont want anyone to try to make you feel better. You want to be upset and you avoid talking about it because you dont want it to get better. i dont know maybe if i knew the whole story i could help. Anywho i look forward to seeing you again, dont forget to tell me when you are coming down.