Saturday, March 19, 2005

woah, time flies

Ok, so, the last entry was at X-Mas. Now, Easter is in one week.

I should fill all you (3) people who read this in:
  • I don't go to Gannon anymore. Thank God!!! I attend Delaware Valley College and am a zoology major, not pre-law/psych.
  • I work now.
  • I live with my cousin.
  • I have absolutely no life. Oh wait, that's not new, that's always been the case.
I started a new novel, and this one will be 1)finished and 2)not shitty like Slice. It's about a murderer, the ice-cream man. WOOT!! is back up. Go! Join! Rejoice! Tell them iloveturtles sent you. I don't get anything, but still, it'll make me less suicidal. I will feel like I have a purpose in life other than to do my cousin's dishes.

Alrighty, so I keep buying movies and I'm almost poor, eventhough I have a job. $100/wk is not enough, especially when 20 goes to gas and 40 goes to groceries. I need to save up money so I can buy Gilmore Girls Season 3 on DVD. I already have the first two. And I need to purchase all Lauren Graham movies, because she is the best actress. I like ER, Medium, & Judging Amy now.

I can't wait for tomorrow to come so I can wake up at the ass crack of dawn and work. Yay! I also need to think of some interesting things that happened to me so I can post fun antecdotes (spelling?) about my life.

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yellowpansy15 said...

you dont live just for my also clean my fridge