Saturday, December 18, 2004


After watching every PG-13 movie I own, I decided to watch VH1. Good idea? Not really, but wtf. I have a bad cold and nausea...and no life. So far I have watched the top 40 videos of 2004, and now I'm watching the 20 most awesomely bad songs of 2004. Yeah, what a life.

We are about to eat dinner and then go Christmas shopping. YAY!! Let's spend money we don't have on bratty little children.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Ok, last night I fell asleep at 7:30. I was watching a really interesting show on the Food Network, but my damn death sickness made me fall asleep. I woke up at 9:30 am. Exactly 14 hours of sleep. Wonderful. Now I have to do 34203495 things by 1:30 pm tomorrow, and I don't know how I am going to accomplish this...I really don't. BUT I must.

I realized that I am going to cry tomorrow when I check out of this horrible place which I decided can be compared to Auschwitz. Cry from grief and the thought of never seeing Kylie and Bob again? No. It will be from sheer joy. I will miss them of course, but that is what instant messenger is for. Who will I miss the most? Becca. I will miss hearing her complain about the same trivial thing for days and to everyone who is in sight. I will miss her totally ignoring my presence. I will miss sooo much about her, even her incredible "I am just too hot" comments. I will miss walking in on her and Matt having oral sex and I will miss her annoying tendencies. To answer your question: Yes, I am really good at being sarcastic.

It's blizzarding right now. Is that a word? Yes, because I just made it up. It's been doing it since I woke up yesterday. God, I love Erie!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004


woot finals next week. my whole weekend has been/will be dedicated to studying. yay. well i am off to perkins with aaryn to escape the siege of leningrad for a couple hours. i have three days left at gannon. i can't wait.

i'm thinking about getting my nose and eyebrow pierced. i have no money or i would do it now. i might also get some more holes in my ears. and i want to get my hair cut.