Wednesday, November 17, 2004

WTF is wrong with me???

OK so my break starts in like 7 days...fuck yes!!!! I can not wait to get out of this horribly boring place. I wanted to post my plan of attack on here so I don't forget anything. :) :) :)

Tuesday: I'm rollin outta herre around 11:30 am and i'll proceed to BiLo where I will pick up about six boxes of condoms...Three will be the colored and ribbed ones to be used as decorations (like balloons) and two will be flavored for obvious reasons. I like chewing on them because unlike gum they don't lose flavor. The sixth and final box is for me and Biz...we gonna be gettin it on several times. He is hung like a fucking horse...unfortunately its a sea horse. Ok so after i get home from BiLo, I plan on sitting in the closet for a few hours and watching the blood run down my arms since I slit my wrists all the time. When that's dry, I'll wash it with a quick swipe of a bleach soaked washcloth and put on my dancing shoes. I'll head out to the club around 11 pm where i'll hook up with Kimja and Biz and we'll dance til 3 am. Then I will go home and sleep.

Wednesday: After rolling out of bed at noon or later...Biz will probably be passed out on my futon and I'll go make love to him. Hopefully, I will not vomit like last time...that took a few washings to clean it out. His poor Docker's were almost ruined. Anyway we'll run down to the McDonald's on the corner and pick up some egg mcmuffins. When we get back to my room, we'll probably make love again and then it'll be lunch time. I think we'll have some white russians and chicken fingers with ranch dressing. Then its time for a nap and around 6 we'll have dinner. This will be vodka shooters and calcium tablets. The orange ones are good. Then I will throw on my boxers and tank top and Biz and I will curl up on the futon and watch "You Got Served." We do love those classics.

Thursday: I'm going to take a break from my anorexia nervosa so I can enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner. Then Biz and I will have sex once again. Then we'll watch "8 Mile" (another classic) I think I'll take a break from the cutting too. Its a day to give thanks for everything, not slit wrists and avoid food.

Friday: WOOT!! Weekend! PARTY!!!!! That's all. This will end in a drunken stumble into my room and then passing out sideways with shoes onto my bed.

Saturday: see Friday

Sunday: Time to finish off the box of condoms. I'll also do the cutting three times because I have to go back to my college.

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