Monday, November 29, 2004

College life...

Woot! Vacation is over and I am loving college. Yes again sarcasm.

I don't really know how people can say this is the best time of your life. I just spent the last three hours writing two papers and several hours earlier writing another one. Yeah, woah, better slow down all that action. My day just keeps getting worse, although I don't know how its possible. I woke up fine...yeah I was so happy to wake up. Anyway, I wasn't late or anything, but my poptart (which is unfrosted) broke before I got a chance to eat it. Then, my bio class is awesome and usually feels like ten minutes, but no...5 HOURS today. Then I have Sacred Scriptures which is just a horribly boring class. But we got out early today, which is ok, but we have a quiz on wednesday. YES!!!
Then from noon to 1, I worked on one of my essays. Lunch: ok, well its lunch in the Gannon cafeteria. AKA shit food. So, that was a pleasant experience, and then, I didn't have any mail.
2 - 2:40: essay more
3-4:20: history of the west and world...the worst class ever. I hate it soo much and its the only class that I'm doing not well in. Well, my pop exploded all over me and my coat.
After that I went to a computer lab where I tried to print out my essay, but that didn't work becuase apparently my floppy disk didn't exist. So I went to the library and printed it. Then I went to dinner, because I had a meeting. WOOT! more shit food. Then I went to my meeting where everyone was late except me...and then I was nominated to do the paper...there we go essay number two of the day. I finally just settled for making hte font size 14 so it would fill more pages...and oh well if we get in trouble. FUCK IT!!!
Then I wrote my third essay. Since my group members are fucking lame, I missed Gilmore Girls and it was a good one because I caught the last ten minutes...i better get to watch it tomorrow at 11 am or someone will die.
Then I had a mandatory floor meeting at 9.

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