Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wow...there is something wrong with me...

..."ooh, shocker." I know that's what you think when you read the title.

I have this problem. I don't really know if its a problem or what, but its weird. When I find a television show I like, I usually have a favorite character. Then I subconsciously start acting like the character. For example: on The Pretender, Miss Parker was totally awesome. I loved everything about her: attitude, fashion, etc. I started saying things that she'd say and in the same sarcastic/bitchy way. Another example: Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls is super fucking awesome. Like if I could choose a mom, I'd want one like her. Anywho, last night I realized I was talking like her. It was freaking weird because I didn't realize I was doing it until later on in the conversation. It's not just tv either. It happens when I'm around people too. My tenth grade history teacher said "hello" all the time. I started doing it too (I have thankfully gotten rid of that). I can't think of anymore examples right now because as I stated, it's subconcious. I really don't realize I'm doing it unless someone points it out or something. I really don't plan on become mean Miss P or sarcastic Lorelai when I talk to someone, it just happens. I guess the only way to fix it would be to throw myself into complete isolation with no television, radio, or anything like that. Give me a typwriter and endless supply of paper/ink so I can write my novels but don't let me watch Gilmore Girls anymore because I'm acting like both Lorelais...HELP!!

Also, I wanted to add: I noticed my other "personality" found out my password and posted. Don't be scared, she means no harm.

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